Hear, Hear, on Vouchers

Just wanted to highlight Max Fenig’s comments on school vouchers:

After seeing the poor results for R.I.’s public schools as measured against proficiency standards, we all know what must be done: Double the money for public education and we may reach mediocrity! But one matter regarding education in this state is worthy of note.
We have some of the best elementary and secondary schools in the country here in Rhode Island. These schools are our private and parochial schools. These are schools that students from across the country seek out to attend. These are schools where the administrators know they are in competition for these students and must meet the needs of their customer base — parents who want a quality education for their children. These are schools that have a faculty whose focus is on their students and not on a trade union.
It is unfortunate for those paying confiscatory property taxes that paying tuition to a private school is not often a possibility.
If the recent report card on our public schools does not cry out for school choice and vouchers to any school, public or private, then what will?

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16 years ago

As you know, I moved from Rhode Island to Hawaii. Because my retirement and banking interest income (will move all banking out of RI now) is generated out of Rhode Island, current Rhode Island State tax laws required me to pay Rhode Island state income tax on any income generated in Rhode Island via a RI-1040NR even though I do not live in Rhode Island full time any more nor do I derive any benefit of services from the State of Rhode Island but I am taxed on my fixed retirement income because the funds are being generated out of Rhode Island.
Two things are now certain, Rhode Island taxes and death.
If Rhode Island state education vouchers were to be put in place utilizing any form of public tax dollar funds providing voucher payment to families in Rhode Island subsidizing payments to a private for profit education institution for their child’s education in place of public education, you can count me in as one of the first in line with a class-action law suit.

Justin Katz
16 years ago

Well, if as a retiree to an island paradise you wish to leverage your financial ties to Rhode Island to trap those less fortunate than you in union schools, I guess that’s your right. I think less of you for it, though.

16 years ago

I’ve got a better thought. When I return to close out my RI bank accounts maybe I can talk my old company into moving out of RI or at least moving distribution of retirement checks out of RI.
I left RI to get away from the regressive state tax system.

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