How Much Is Not Enough?

Tom Sgouros (who is apparently more involved in this bill than I’d thought) just said:

The state is getting too much of its money from people who can’t afford to give it, and not much money from those who can.

But this is different in kind from what he’s been arguing thus far, which has been the percentage of income that the individual pays. If he wants to argue how much money the state is getting from whom, he’d have to look at the 80% of taxes paid by the top quintile. (That’s “ish”; I can’t recall where the 80% cut-off is, exactly.)

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16 years ago

As I’ve said, I wish they would triple the income tax on “da rich” so they can lose another 50,000 jobs and turn the Prov. metro are into East Deeeeeeetroit.
It’s what this state deserves for constantly electing these scumbags.
I’m looking at it right now where this incoherent bimbo (obviously led there by an “advocate”) had to be asked if she was there for or against the tax hike.
I wish Hazen White had given them the finger and said “raise the taxes and my 500 jobs are gone!”

16 years ago

His mentality kind of reminds me of a John D. Rockefeller quote, but with a quasi-socialist twist.
Rockefeller was once asked “How much money is enough?” (Then being the richest man in the world).
His reply was “just a little bit more.”
No matter how much you tax the productive folks in the state, some here will never believe that they are taxed high enough. They don’t like the idea that some people in society do better than others, so they want to make their lives just as miserable as theirs. It’s all about envy.

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