A Capitol Idea

Here’s the plan.
Seventy five of us are going to charter a plane and fly to the capitols of half a dozen countries around the world. I’m thinking Lisbon, Santiago, Bern, Warsaw, Rome and London.
When we get to each city, we’re going to “storm” the office of the policy director of the president or prime minister. We’re going to hold signs, chant a broad, non-relevant but vaguely feel-good slogan (in English) and demand that that country not enforce its immigration laws or its borders.
At a minimum, we will get a distinctly non-hostile reception by the Mayor and Police Chief of each city and, of course, sympathetic coverage by the local media, which will treat our demands as eminently reasonable. Local civil liberty and advocacy groups will champion our cause as a basic human right (you know, the same as not being tortured or summarily executed) and social service agencies will offer us tax funded benefits, even entering a bypass number if necessary to get us into their systems.

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16 years ago

I guess you’ll be chartering ATA. Maybe you should stop in USA first and visit the Native American Indians.

16 years ago

Yeah, let’s try that … maybe in a friendly US allied country like Turkey.
I’ve heard those Turkish prisons have far less rats than they used to, ever since that last outbreak of the plague…

16 years ago

Even better, send Jerzyk, Segal, Donnis, Diaz, Rhody, Fat Sissy, Bakst, Kerr and the rest of the crew down to HAVANA where they can storm Fidel’s office and demand he open his borders. LOL.

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