Interpol Confirms FARC Data

We’ve heard a lot from Democrats for, what, the last 8 or so years, about how the U.S. should listen more to the “international community.” Maybe we should (h/t):

The information found in the computers of the deceased leader of the rebel Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC), Raúl Reyes, was not manipulated by Colombian authorities, according to an Interpol’s report to be released next May 15, as disclosed by Bogota El Tiempo daily newspaper.
The report stated that a committee comprising computer science experts from Korea, Australia, and Singapore working for the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) completed last May 2 the investigation into the three computers found in Reyes’ camp in Ecuador, Efe reported.
“The first finding was that Reyes’ files were not manipulated and that security agencies and citizens who had the computer in their hands kept them safe,” the Colombian newspaper stated.

Commenting on the story, Gatewaypundit summarizes the laundry list of info discovered on the computer.

— FARC connections with Ecuadorean president Rafael Correa
— Records of $300 million offerings from Hugo Chavez
— Thank you notes from Hugo Chavez dating back to 1992
— Uranium purchasing records
— Admit to killing the sister of former President Cesar Gaviria
— Admit to planting a 2003 car bomb killing 36 at a Bogota upper crust club
— Directions on how to make a Dirty Bomb
— Information that led to the discovery of 60 pounds of uranium
— Letter to Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi asking for cash to buy surface-to-air missiles
— Meetings with “gringos” about Barack Obama
— Information on Russian illegal arms dealer Viktor Bout who was later captured
— FARC funding Correa’s campaign
— Cuban links to FARC
— Links to US Democrats
— $480,000 of FARC cash in Costa Rican safe house
— $100,000 to President Correa’s campaign for election
…And, more.

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15 years ago

FARC had meetings with gringos “about Barack Obama” ?????
i am sure that FARC had meetings with gringos “about Ronald Reagan” “about George Bush Sr&Jr” “about Tony Blair”
maybe even about “American Idol David Archuleta”
So David Archuleta and Barack Obama are terorist?
Archuleta has a South American “connection”

joe bernstein
joe bernstein
15 years ago

Am I crazy or is there some hypersensitivity among Obama supporters?

Mike Cappelli
Mike Cappelli
15 years ago

I do believe they are a bit sensitive, particularly in light of the fact that Obama sat in a church for 20 years listening to the rants of a fat rascist pig, and Obama found nothing wrong with the rantings. Now they are left trying to convince us (and, more importantly, themselves) that Obama is this intelligent being, yet was too stupid to walk out of the church. In fact, he didn’t just walk away, he embraced the rascist pig, got married by him, had him baptize his kids.
It is quite understandable why they might be hypersensitive when you think about it.

15 years ago

“maybe even about “American Idol David Archuleta””
Well, if they did, it should have been disclosed before they voted David A. off the island (… or whatever they do on American Idol).

joe bernstein
joe bernstein
15 years ago

Mike-I actually don’t think Obama shares the views of the pastor.He may have stayed because it was his wife’s church.I think he likes being married to her and maybe he did stay there to “ensure domestic tranquility”-all of us probably have people we are close to for whom we overlook a lot of things.I think you are right-Obama’s supporters probably are really more worried about this than the general public.When people begin idolizing someone,they don’t want to be disappointed-the millions who loved Elvis avoided the reality that he was seriously drug addicted(albeit legally)-of course Elvis wasn’t running for President.
What I do know is that Hillary is rotten to the core and a power hungry madwoman.Obama doesn’t have a mafia-style organization to carry out his bidding like she does.If he got in,I think he’d be a weak,one term Jimmy Carter Part 2.Not what we need in this volatile world,but a less dangerous alternative than the b***h.

15 years ago

INTERPOL hasn’t even finished writing their report of findings and made it public yet.
INTERPOL first entered the picture by request in December according to official press release:
“Within days of receiving Colombia’s request for assistance, INTERPOL had assembled and deployed an international team, including experts from Australia, Singapore and the General Secretariat headquarters in Lyon to work on the ground as an independent INTERPOL unit.”
There is no mention of experts from Korea in the official report above as in your report below and the INTERPOL investigation is ending this month May 2008 not May 2 last year as stated below in your report.
“The report stated that a committee comprising computer science experts from Korea, Australia, and Singapore working for the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) completed last May 2 the investigation into the three computers found in Reyes’ camp in Ecuador, Efe reported.”
INTERPOL is still wrapping things up before finalizing their report according to official press release.:
The INTERPOL official report is due out by the end of this month May 2008.
I prefer to read the official INTERPOL report than any internet speculation and maybe disinformation pandered on the web.

15 years ago

To coin a phrase, “I report, you decide.” That said, a minor point. It sounds like you’re quibble with the timeline is based on a confusion with the translation of the original report. When you say “the INTERPOL investigation is ending this month May 2008 not May 2 last year as stated below in your report”, note that the report (not “my” report, by the way) refers to “next May 15” and “last May 2” as in “this coming” and “just passed”, respectively. Additionally, your second link is to an INTERPOL press release about a briefing they held with the involved parties in early April this year.

15 years ago

Ah, the desperation to link any international bad guys to Obama.
If the Republicans (as they say) think Obama will be an easier opponent in November, could someone please explain to me why is he the target of all this trash (and not Hillary)?

15 years ago

Rhody, I’d hardly characterize this as “desperation” on my part. In fact, at this point, I’m pretty agnostic on the whole President 2008 thing.
Besides, the fact is they did mention Obama in their discussions. That doesn’t mean he’s actively seeking to overthrow another government (Columbia) via his support for FARC.
Yet, if perception is reality–if we care so much about what the international community says and thinks about us–then how are we to take it when a terrorist/drug cartel organization clearly seems to prefer one US Presidential candidate over the others?
Whether he (or you) like it or not, some in the world view Obama as a fellow traveler. To this point, I’ve yet to see a serious effort on his part to dissuade them of this. Again, it doesn’t mean he’s guilty by association, just that, for some reason, they really dig the guy and think he’d be easier for them to deal with. Why’s that?
Finally, if we were to replace “Meetings with Gringos about Barack Obama” with “Meetings with sheiks about George W. Bush,” you mean to tell me that the left wouldn’t be screaming? That is would be “no big deal”? All depends on your perspective, no?

15 years ago

Sheiks already meet with the Bush clan.
Two words: Carlyle Group.

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