Re: A Developing Theme on the Environment

Under Justin’s post, Mark Steyn observes

… if the House of Representatives has now declared it “illegal” for the government of Saudi Arabia to restrict oil production, why is it still legal for the Government of the United States to restrict oil production? In fact, the government of the United States restricts pretty much every form of energy production …

There’s a principle in psychiatry – you can’t control what other people do but you can control what you do and your reaction to other people’s actions. It has been the height of silliness for Senator Hillary Clinton and then other members of Congress to ineffectually hound OPEC as they themselves continue to block drilling in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico.
Steyn refers to the rising prices of oil and its end products. Has an explanation been offered by those who oppose the building of refineries and any new drilling for oil on US soil as to the benefits/advantages of high gas prices, not to mention higher prices for just about everything that involves or requires energy? Further, under the category of Conflicting Goals, most of those who oppose new refineries and drilling and advocate for a reduction in our use of fossil fuels presumably are not supporters of “big oil”, either foreign or domestic, and do not wish it to florish. Is it possible that they do not understand that their policies, in addition to making people a little poorer, are also considerably enriching the very industry that is their bane?
Instead of making empty demands of unmotivated third parties, we need to take the steps necessary to help ourselves.

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