Turnabout Doesn’t Feel Like Fair Play

Froma Harrop taps into the frustration felt by the Hillary-supportin’ womyn out there, such as one Jean B. Grillo:

I am so tired as a white, ultra-liberal, McGovern-voting, civil-rights marching, anti-war fighting, highly educated professional woman who totally supports Hillary Clinton to be attacked and vilified as racist and/or dumb.

Or Shauna Morris:

I am upper-middle class, and I still can’t stand him — and it has nothing to do with race, believe me.

Or this little anecdote:

Tara Wooters, a 39-year-old mother from Portland, Ore., told me that wearing a Hillary sticker around town has become an act of defiance. She recalls one young man telling her, “I’d rather vote for a black man than a menopausal woman.”

Welcome to the “wrong side”, ladies.

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Mike Cappelli
Mike Cappelli
15 years ago

This Democratic primary has brought to the forefront, for all to see, the hypocrisy and the fallacy by which these stupid liberals go through life. This primary has been nothing more than a giant magnifying glass on the life of a stupid conflicted liberal. The hate, the venom, and the vitriol usually reserved for conservatives is being puked all over their own.
It merely illustrates just what these stupid liberals are – hating, bigoted, rascists themselves.

15 years ago

Hillary could’ve had the nomination clinched long ago, had she not chosen to run as a raging sack of entitlement.
If these women want to make the same mistake Ralph Nader made eight years ago – throw away almost everything they worked so hard to gain on an impulsive act of ego – that’s truly sad.
If Obama takes Hill on as VP. I’d have to seriously reconsider voting for him. The smartest thing he can do with the choice is either take on somebody who supported Clinton but brings something real to the ticket (a Rendell, a Strickland, etc.) or a woman (Sebelius, Blanche Lincoln, etc.).
Do these women who supported Hillary really want Bill skulking around putting his foot in his mouth?

Tom W
Tom W
15 years ago

How about this irony:
Shouldn’t Bob Walsh / Pat Crowley and their ilk have supported Hillary from Day One?
After all, she had SENIORITY over Barack Obama (especially since their positions on issues are / were virtually indistinguishable).
The unionists support the seniority system over meritocracy … at least when it doesn’t impact anything truly important.
So obviously the NEA/ AFT crowd don’t consider education to be truly important.

Citizen Critic
Citizen Critic
15 years ago

Hillary’s core constituency is old/ angry women, blue collar workers, high school dropouts, and single women. Basically, anybody who is white and wants a nanny state were the government looks after them from cradle to grave is a likely Hillary supporter.
The fact is, most of her supporters are dumb. Look at the demographics. Her most ardent supporters are uneducated. Consider her huge following and primary wins in some of the poorest and worst educated states: WV, TN, KY, AR, RI, and PR.

Ragin' Rhode Islander
Ragin' Rhode Islander
15 years ago

“Wrong. Hillary’s most ardent supporters tend to be women of a certain age, but their intensity shouldn’t be underestimated just because they belong to a post-menopausal demographic. As they’ve watched their girl get shoved aside by the brash Obama and his youthful cohorts, Hillary’s army of liberal crones has become increasingly embittered toward the Democrats.”
Crone Wars

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