Letting It Out On Air

Hear Marc’s scream of frustration last night on the Matt Allen show, streamed by clicking here (or download). Really, what can be said about a handful of citizens requesting that their and our taxes to be raised?

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Citizen Critic
Citizen Critic
15 years ago

You can only change yourself.
If you’re mad as hell, move out.
Reason rarely works with liberal idiots.

15 years ago

Since you have access to this Matt Allen would you enquire about the odd remark he made while speaking to a caller named Michael on June 5 at about 6:44. Matt the talk show host had been trying to make his case that Barack Obama was wrong in asserting that Democrats and Republicans were , first, Americans. Matt Allen said that ( here I am paraphrasing) there were people so opposed to each others views that all could not occupy the same place as Americans. While speaking with a caller, Michael, Matt was trying, I think to find another example of people so opposed (he had been saying that the left wing was not as American as something he was describing as “Real Americans” he said that Christianity and Judaism were “diametrically opposed”. Justin you know this person, you include his picture on this site and promote his radio show. Do you support his comments? Specificly those having to do with Christians and Jews.

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