Captain Cook’s Books Show Climate Change

British maritime historians are discovering that the information held in ye olde ships’ log can help shed light on the “climate change” of the past.

Captain Cook and Lord Nelson seem unlikely figureheads in the fight against climate change alarmists.
The two British sea heroes have been dead for more than 200 years.
But their ships’ logs, and thousands more like them, have revealed that recent global warming is not so unusual after all….Maritime historian Dr Sam Willis says: “Ships’ officers recorded air pressure, wind strength, air and sea temperatures and other weather conditions…From these records, scientists can build a detailed picture of past weather and climate.”
The findings are startling. They show we went through a similar period of global warming in the 1730s that could NOT have been man-made.
And freak storms like the ones experienced recently also occurred in the 1680s and 1690s.
They were the coldest decades in what is known as the Little Ice Age — so could not have been caused by global warming.
Many doom mongers have pointed to freakish patterns in modern hurricanes as more “evidence” of the effects of man’s environmental damage.
Hurricanes that form in the eastern Atlantic normally track westwards.
So weathermen were shocked in 2005 when Hurricane Vince headed north east and hit Spain and Portugal.
But we now know exactly the same thing happened with a hurricane in 1842, thanks to logs left by our seafaring ancestors….
Geographer Dr Dennis Wheeler, of Sunderland University, said: “British archives contain more than 100,000 Royal Navy logbooks from around 1670 to 1850 alone. They are a stunning resource…Global warming is a reality, but our data show climate science is complex. It is wrong to take particular events and link them to carbon dioxide emissions…These records will give us a much clearer picture of what is really happening.”

ADDENDUM: Apparently NOAA has now decided that the “Medieval Warm Period” actually did exist, according to medievalist blogger Richard Noke’s, who observes this is

a big change from back when they were disparaging reliance on contemporary accounts and archeology, darkly hinting that the Medieval Warm Period had some kind of political agenda behind it.

They didn’t have much choice, as Noke’s points out, for how else to explain how “this viking dock must have been constructed under the ice.”

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15 years ago

Marvelously inconvenient.

15 years ago

Interesting. Since we are known as the Ocean State it would be very interesting to review the information being gathered presently by people working on the water. Let’s review their weather logs over the last 20 years and see if we can find some useful hints to possible future expectations. Global warming can be a political football with Al Gore as the villian or as a reality that we will have to deal with no matter what we choose to believe.

15 years ago

Ask one of the guys from Ice Road Truckers what they think about Global Warming.
They’re Canadian, so their opinions may have more sway with American liberals.
Except if the truckers disagree with them. Then they’ll be right-wing oil company apologists.

15 years ago

I always find it interesting that the major TV networks tell us that the full Al Gore effect is gospel and go through the meaningless exercises of broadcasting by candle light and posting little green symbols etc.
If they really believe that Manhattan is doomed to a watery grave in the near future, why are they still headquartered there? Why does the ‘smart money’ such as insurance companies or financial institutions continue doing business in New York? Shouldn’t they be selling the real estate while there is still some value and relocating to the catskills?
Kinda makes ya wonder, don’t it?

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