I’m Not Comforted by This “Progress”

So the teachers head back to class today, in Tiverton, and although their contract is still under negotiation, there appears to be some movement. One of the reasons, however, is probably not a positive:

… both sides agreed to keep the details of negotiations private, in a departure from the practice of publicly airing differences on salaries and health insurance, the sticking points of the labor impasse.

So much for open government. Instead, they’ll come up with some numbers and let the taxpayers know when it’s a fait accompli. But that’s not all:

Most recently, the union has told school officials it cannot meet until December — after the November election, which could affect the composition of the School Committee.

So the union has gone without a contract for a full year, with only an extension of the older contract in the previous year, bringing it up to this election, in which at least one very union-friendly resident is on the ballot. Now the union organization will try to elect negotiation opponents who are more amenable to their view and then “resolve” differences of opinion when it comes to the contract.
If only everybody could elect new bosses for negotiation purposes, too!

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George Elbow
George Elbow
15 years ago

You gotta love these morons, on both sides (School Committee and the Union). “both sides agreed to keep the details of negotiations private” Does that mean the Union negotiators will NOT be going back to the skank & file to explain the details of the proposal, as well as allowing the rank & file a vote on whether or not to approve the proposed contract? If the answer is “no”, will the School Committee be going back to the Taxpayers footing the bill to get their input and their vote of approval or disapproval? “salaries and health insurance, the sticking points of the labor impasse” Gee, the sticking points are about “salary and health insurance”? That’s good to know, because previously my friends in the Union told me it was about the “children”. “The union has told school officials it cannot meet until December” Hmm, I wonder if members of the Providence Fire Department will be offering their services to help the Teachers’ Union errect a sign that bellyaches about not having a contract …despite their unwillingness to meet? For a while there Tiverton was a beacon of hope. It looked like they were no longer going to play the standard Union game that is played accross the state. One in which “negotiations” go underground while often uninformed part-time School Committee members role over in an over-matched “negotiation”. It appeared that Tiverton was going to do the right thing and appropriately keep the public spotlight on what was being offered and what they were willing to accept, thus allowing valuable feedback & input from the Taxpaying public. Hopefully, Justin is uncharacteristically misinformed on this matter. He better be for the sake of the Tiverton taxpayers, as well as the students who will not have the benefit of all the other… Read more »

15 years ago

If the union doesn’t want to negotiate until December then they should be willing to forgo any consideration for a pay raise this year.
Residence of Tiverton, stand up and DEMAND the details as they are happening so you don’t get left holding the bill. Be part of your local government and demand the details from those elected officials who will obviously desire to be voted in again some day.
Not a Tiverton resident here so perhaps my opinion doesn’t matter but having lived through the Warwick Teachers Ballunion (a.k.a. taxpayer rape and assault) we’ll be left bailing out this sinking ship for a long time to come!
Sorry to the 1 or 2 actual good, qualified and caring Warwick teachers who are in the business for the “right” reason. Too bad you’re surrounded by such others who simply give you few a bad name.

15 years ago

how about his, to be just a little bit fair to the organized labor (a.k.a. domestic terrorists) crowd. Rather than make them forgo a pay raise all together, maybe the negotiating position from the school committee should be, you don’t want to actively negotiate then your pay raise doesn’t take effect until and agreement is reached and you forgo any consideration for “back pay” raises. in other words, you get what you’re getting until you reach an agreement for a new rate. then, and only then, does the new rate become effective!
We’ve had enough!!!!!!!

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