What Debate Would You Like To See?

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Not For Nothing
15 years ago

Palin: feeding frenzy or fact-finding?

The McCain camp doesn't like the press looking into Sarah Palin and her time in public life. From

15 years ago

This is why we should have team-based debates. If they are running as a ticket they should debate as one. Obama picked Biden to add substance to his campaign, so why does McCain get stuck only debating the fluff? It’s demeaning.

Thomas Schmeling
Thomas Schmeling
15 years ago

Once again, as a question of strategy, and completely apart from partisanship, this would be a completely stupid move on the part of the Obama campaign. If Obama loses the debate, he loses big. If he “mops the floor with her” (your words, not mine), he still loses by stooping to fight the #2 instead of the #1.
This would be a very clever stunt if it worked, but we both know it won’t.

15 years ago

Thomas S, please tell the main stream media. They’re the ones who inexplicably keep comparing the Dem Presidential candidate to the Republican VP candidate.

15 years ago

Actually, I think it was Obama’s campaign that initiated the experience discussion. The first reaction from Obama’s campaign when Palin was announced was to criticize her as being “too inexperienced” for VP. Given Obama’s inexperience, the stage was set for a direct comparison between Obama and Palin.
Obama was traveling in Pennsylvania that day and immediately tried to get the horse back in the barn by rejecting his own campaign’s statement and offering more moderate words. But by then it was too late.
The mainstream media’s bias took over and they kept hitting Palin on experience which only raised the question of how a debate between Obama and Palin would come out.
As much as I’d love to see an Obama/Palin debate, Thomas is right.
Obama is running to be President. Palin is running to be VP.
Although it’s telling that the lower half of the GOP ticket is being favorably compared to the top of the Democrat ticket.

George Elbow
George Elbow
15 years ago

Let’s see if I have all this stuff straight with the RNC:
Ms. Palin, the family values candidate, is concerned about how Liberalism is eroding society and the family? Gee, was it liberalism that got her unwed teenage daughter pregnant? Was it a breakdown in the family structure that led to this?
When Jamie-Lynn Spears became pregnant as a teenager and chose to marry the daddy, was she held up as a hero / model of family values, or was she derided as a slut with parents that did a poor job raising her?
With respect to all those “Service” and “Country First” placards that are being waved around at the RNC, why wasn’t that an issue in the last two elections with George “Stateside” Bush and Dick “Deferment” Cheney were running for office?
Can you say hypocrites?
They almost give our hypocrite friends at the NEA-RI a run for their money. You know, that fella over there that talks about Union democracy because Union-hack members are allowed to vote on a negotiated contract, but who fight any efforts to allow the folks paying the bill, the Taxpayers, to have a vote on the same contracts.
Fortunately for McCain & Co., we have the likes of the NEA-RI out there, salivating at the though of Obama / Biden, to make us hold our nose and vote McCain / Palin.

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