Where is the “REDO” button?

This week has been the latest version of the perfect storm on why it seems appropriate to say, how about we punt on all the presidential candidates and press the REDO button.
John McCain
George Will
Back to Square One
More on Andrew Cuomo
Sarah Palin
(okay, what follows below is a bit dated because the only visible thing this week is actually a positive)
The Bush Doctrine
More on the Gibson interview
Barack Obama
Obama’s Leftism
Obama’s Challenge: The campaign speaks to “Radicalism.”
Obama and Ayers
Pushed Radicalism On Schools

Barack’s Glass House
Joe Biden
Victor Davis Hanson
Interview with Katie Couric
Historical ignorance
No coal plants, either

And none of the above even touches how, under George Bush, we are seeing the nationalization of the financial sector of the economy. A fitting conclusion for a man who brought us outrageous domestic spending increases, NCLB, and the new Medicare spending program.
Then there is the proposal to ban short-selling. Heck, why don’t we just turn over all matters to control by Washington politicians and bureaucrats since they seem to understand everything better than the rest of us.
Or touches the likes of Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid, neither of whom is capable of talking about public policy issues such as energy here and here (or theology issues, in Pelosi’s case) without sounding like a buffoon.
Where is the REDO button? Too bad we can’t send all of Washington’s politicians and bureacurats on an extended vacation. Even a paid vacation as long as they all got out of town so they stopped messing with our freedom and our hard-earned monies!
Creeping socialism is shifting into galloping mode right in front of our eyes. Scary.

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Tom W
Tom W
15 years ago

One question I’ve not heard any reporter / media talking head ask is: “when was this bailout plan prepared, and by whom?” That such a major piece of legislation was prepared within days strains credulity – I suspect that the powers have known for some time now that this was going to occur, they just didn’t know exactly when / what would precipitate the final crackup – and so started working on a bailout”contingency plan” months, or years, ago.
As for McCain, he’s going to be a disaster for the Republican Party and the country – just less of a disaster than Comrade Obama, the candidate of the Marxists.
The best we can hope for is that Palin truly has what it takes, will quickly get her sea legs in D.C., and then that God, while John McCain is sleeping, will call him to his well-earned place in heaven.

15 years ago

Can we push the redo button in October 2002, before Paul Wellstone’s plane took off? There might’ve been a little less Democratic aquiescence to this disaster.

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