Pinga/Alves: Latest from the Board of Elections II

The Rhode Island Board of Elections advised today that a second recount of the Pinga/Alves primary election will take place tomorrow at 1:00 pm. All ballots, including mail-in and provisional, will be counted.
In another contested primary, the Lynch/Bennett race will be recounted at 9:00 am. This ProJo article states that the RI Supreme Court ordered a recount for the Lynch/Bennett race but not the Pinga/Alves race. Unless the ProJo article is in error, BOE has apparently ordered the Pinga/Alves recount on its own initiative.
Side question: don’t provisional ballots have to be verified after they are cast? If they are then verified, don’t they cease being “provisional”?

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15 years ago

In true RI fashion, the RI Supreme Court has intervened in an election in order to ensure one of their political cronies is kept in power at any cost…..
Just keep counting until Alves wins!
Alves lost the election.
He lost the recount
He lost his appeal before the Board of Elections.
So now the Supreme Court orders the Board of Elections to determine “Voter intent”. Give me a break…
I guess it’s payback time for the extra $18 million the legislature sent to the Judiciary for the Northern RI Courthouse.
How can these people even look anyone in the eye?
They intervention in this matter has only confirmed what Lincoln Steffins stated over 100 years ago ” RI is a state for sale. Cheap!”

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