Detrimental Effects and the Responsible Party

Under Donald’s post “Multiple choice options regarding Obama’s “spread the wealth” comment”, commenter Phil remarks

I cannot ignore the presence in R.I. of Republican conservatives and the detrimental effect it has on the place I live.

Yes, let’s talk about some detrimental effects inflicted on the state by a particular political party and ideology.

– The second highest sales tax and fifth highest property taxes in the country.
– Education results in the bottom twenty percent.
– Business tax climate ranking: forty sixth out of fifty.
– A recession and an alarming unemployment rate of 8.5%.
Upside down priorities like underfunded universities and very badly maintained highways and bridges.

Quite a record has been racked up by Democrat officials on the state and local level and it is one that neither Republicans nor conservatives in Rhode Island come close to matching. In fact, it would be a very good thing, indeed, if “conservative” tenets such as smaller government, less taxes, a more narrow focus on critical functions and simply standing back and allowing businesses to florish came to Rhode Island. (Conservative in quotes because such policies are in actuality not partisan but simply good business practices.)
I am genuinely pleased that Phil comments at Anchor Rising, in part, because he does so without name-calling or irrational lashing out. Often, however, and certainly in this case, Phil seems to subscribe to the philosophy that simply saying it makes it so.
[Thanks to the Tax Foundation and RIPEC for the data.]

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15 years ago

I cannot ignore the presence in R.I. of Republican conservatives and the detrimental effect it has on the place I live.
So what we have here is your average liberal elitist- he thinks conservatives cause everything bad, and doesn’t want to live near anyone who disagrees with him.
I’m glad he doesn’t name-call either, but I have a hard time respecting someone who calls himself a liberal but in reality is more close-minded than any one of the conservatives he holds his nose around.

15 years ago

No matter how much they lie, the revenue figures won’t and don’t.
The long predicted collapse is here.
This was the inevetible “RI Future” after 75 years of corrupt, obviously unsustainable, Bolshevik economics.
Chicken Little is laughing.

15 years ago

I have never described myself as a liberal although it would be fair to say that I am closer to government policies that one may call liberal. Interestingly I would most likely win approval from self described conservatives when the issue of family values and community activites are applied.
I appreciate the acknowledgement from Monique as to the tone of my comments on this blog. I will admit though that EMT’s comments sorely tests me in that regard.
Many of the so called Democrats who wield power in this State are as far from my ideal of progressive leaders as they are for most of you. I have no love for Murphy, Montalbano or Paiva-Weed but one must also apply the same standard of judging the result of their service to that of your conservative Governor who has steadfastly supported the failed policies of the Bush Administration.
Phil the endorser of Obama along with Gen. Colin Powel

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