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15 years ago

Gallup and Rasmussen’s latest polls have this race back to a dead heat.

15 years ago

Anthony, what are you talking about? The 10/26 Gallup has Obama up 7 and Rasmussen has him up 5.
Take your pick.
And more importantly, Obama is opening larger leads in key states. It’s over.
And Marc, nice stunt video. The same video could be compiled about every one of the 100 senators as they all have multiple committee assignments and none of them sit through the entirely of every hearing.

15 years ago

Even worse than being late, in most of those hearings, he missed the information provided by those who came to testify.

15 years ago

Prag, Gallup and Rassmussen polls released today have Obama’s lead down to 3 as does the IBD/TIPP poll. Anthony’s right, it’s tightening up and trending in McCain’s favor.
I can just imagine the disparity we’re going to see between the independent and mainstream media polling by this weekend.

15 years ago

George has the numbers. But it’s not just those polls.
Obama’s deputy campaign manager, Steve Hildebrand sent out an urgent internal memo to Obama’s staff stating:
“John McCain is right. Things are tightening in the battleground states.”
Mr. Hildebrand called for all available Democrat operatives to come to Florida and wrote that “the bottom line is we need help.”
The media got a hold of the memo and questioned Obama’s campaign. In response, the Obama campaign acknowledged that they are seeing Obama’s numbers slip in Ohio, North Carolina and Georgia, although they maintain Obama’s numbers are holding strong in Pennsylvania.
But then again, Hillary did 5 points better against Obama in the PA primary than the final Dem. primary polls suggested she would.
This race is far from over as undecideds appear to be breaking for McCain.

15 years ago

Pragmatist, But it (and the cartoon) caught your attention, didn’t they?

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