Life lessons on the pitch

Took a break from politics this weekend. Watched a bunch of soccer up in Pawtucket and enjoyed seeing the youth from across our state compete and laugh and have fun. Even amidst these potentially nation-changing events. Good. They don’t have to worry about the big picture stuff, that’s for us adults. Even if things don’t go the way we want, it’s incumbent upon us to provide a positive environment for our kids (and through them for ourselves). Be optimistic and they will be too. Let them know that another way to view life’s obstacles is as opportunity. Something to be overcome. But if they’re not: learn from the experience.
A couple games showed this in spades. Our kids carried the play for the majority of the time, but a well-played through ball and one outstanding athlete can change the entire outcome of a game, and–boom!–just like that your down and, unfortunately, out. But even if you lose the match, you can take something from a game well-played and build on your small successes. The coaches of both of these teams did a great job and taught their players both how to play and enjoy the game. Of course the kids wanted to win, but the most important lesson learned was to keep working towards your goals, even if they aren’t realized in the short term. Live to compete for another day and good things can happen. A third team did just that: carried the play in two games but couldn’t score during regulation in either. But they won both games, including the championship, in a shootout. They persevered and were rewarded.

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