Picking Obama’s Theme Song

OK. This one might only ring bells for anybody who worked in a record store in the early ’90s.
When I heard Obama’s “righteous wind” comment, my first thought wasn’t Mao, but a certain song that would work well for the One. And no, it’s not the one that Shannen Coffin suggests, but “Break Like the Wind” from Spinal Tap’s little known reunion album. Here’s an apropos slice from the lyrics:

We made a promise in the night
Swearing to Heaven
Is this a promise we keep?
Or will we break like the wind?

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joe bernstein
joe bernstein
15 years ago

How about the “Internationale”?I mean him being a citizen of the world and all that horse****.
Lobster and caviar is set to overflow the bowls at the “victory party”-straight out of “Animal Farm”.Meatloaf and mashed potatoes would be more in keeping with his rhetoric.

15 years ago

Don’t fret Joe-the people will learn that socialist economics plus open borders (no human is illegal-wah, wah, wah) is a failure.
Just ask the people of France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Greece, Holland, Belgium, Denmark or Sweden which tried “progressiveism”, puked at the results and now choose right-wing, anti-immigrant governments.
Not to mention Canada and Mexico.

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