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15 years ago

This is why I have given up hope. This mental midget has agian won the state vote. They deserve whta they vote. Red state here I come.

15 years ago

Patrick looks kind of bummed that he didn’t get my vote.

15 years ago

Let’s be honest for just a moment. Jon could have raised a million bucks and almost certainly would have still lost. Not just Jon, anyone. It’s simple math: Kennedy last name + somewhat “duller than average” voting age population + old people who “loved his uncle Jack” = Patrick Kennedy reelection in perpetuity. He could be taped snorting something off of a dead hooker’s back and still win here.
From the WPRO blog (which no one reads), but because AR’s Andrew worked on it tonight, I alone visited:
“First Controversy of the Night”
WPRO’s afternoon host Dan Yorke doesn’t believe that Jon Scott is ready for a run for U.S. Congress. He said so again today on his show. As I am here with WPRO this evening, there’s really no way for me to dodge this when interviewing Mr. Scott. When I asked the candidate if he’d like to comment on Dan’s opinion, the mostly-unfiltered reply was…
Dan Yorke is a jacka$$.
To quote another WPRO host, “Oh, my”.
That’s what I would call an efficient use of the English language. I will also say, because I was with Jon and Andrew, that there was a lot worse than didn’t quite make it to print. As it so happens, I listen to Dan almost everyday, because I like to be well-informed from a variety of sources. Dan’s in it for Dan. Remember that.
PS Yes, I’m still awake. Too much caffeine!

joe bernstein
joe bernstein
15 years ago

Patrick Kennedy couldn’t get a job pushing carts in from the parking lot to a supermarket if he weren’t a God##n Kennedy-let’s see substance abuser,apparent rage disorder,mental illness,history of being a deadbeat(and with all his money!),and being afraid to confront any opponent in a debate-heck-he’s afraid to meet his constituents outside a choreographed situation.He looks unwell for a man his age.It’s amazing he can go to the bathroom by himself.He can go to hell.

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