Hillary Acts Coy

How did President-Elect Obama wind up in the awkward position of standing by while the person on top of his short list vacillates about accepting arguably the most prestigious position in his Cabinet?

Hillary Clinton’s “agonizing” decision over whether to accept Barack Obama’s offer of the secretary of state position could be the result of her weighing whether she has a better option staying put in the Senate or just no taste for the workload.
The New York senator, who was vanquished by the president-elect in the Democratic presidential primaries, may also not want to play second fiddle, say observers watching the to-and-fro between Clinton and Obama.
Clinton’s hesitation could very well be tactical, said Dr. Allan J. Lichtman, a professor of American political history at American University in Washington.

Is this one of those rare occasions when it might be possible to take an emulation of Lincoln too far? Further, as WPRO’s Matt Allen asked tonight, should Senator Obama take her hesitation as a life-line and simply move on to the next person on his list?

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