Sticking Out Like a Sore Economy

Two sentences from Edward Mazze’s commentary, yesterday, ought to be repeated daily for the benefit of every Rhode Islander until we force some real change in the right direction:

In New England, Connecticut reported unemployment at 6.6 percent, Maine 6.3 percent, Massachusetts 5.9 percent, New Hampshire 4.3 percent and Vermont 5.7 percent. …
There is little evidence the unemployment rate [in Rhode Island] will be below 8 percent until 2012 without changes in the way the state does business and deals with economic issues that work against job creation.

In short, we’ve got at least three more years of unemployment rates surpassing a line that no other New England state has even come close to crossing yet. Our state’s “leaders” ought never be seen in public without reeds in constant self-mortifying motion lest citizens begin volunteering their grips for the cause.
And just in case anybody quasi-sentient remains who believes that the representatives of Rhode Island’s coalition of public-dole special interests might have a point, the answer is not to increase the burden on private industry or to absorb a greater swath of the market and its services into the government.

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15 years ago

“the answer is not to increase “burden on private industry or to absorb a greater swath of the market and its services into the government”
Why the hell not?
It’s worked pretty good in N. Korea, Zimbabwe, Cuba, E. Germany and the Soviet Bloc, hasn’t it?

Tom W
Tom W
15 years ago

Sorry, but I just can’t take the RI Future commentators seriously – while one can debate well-reasoned (but opposing) arguments when they are at least founded in the reality of the circumstances, the occasional foray over there just provides illumination into people living in a fantasy world of business persons and middle-class people NOT responding to the economic, tax, regulatory and ethical failings of Rhode Island. They apparently believe that the Rhode Island Democrat party is not afflicted with a culture of corruption – despite decades of experience to the contrary – which in turn repels business / employers. That Rhode Island’s public school system is good – despite decades of experience to the contrary – and the resulting unskilled workforce repels business / employers. That the “rich” will not look south to places like the Carolinas and instead keep their businesses / employment here – despite decades of experience to the contrary. That Rhode Island’s national reputation as a “tax hell” – built over decades from numerous studies and ratings – does not repel business / employers – despite decades of experience to the contrary. Like a substance abuser, Rhode Island hasn’t even reached the point of recognizing that it has a problem, and unless / until it does, cannot be helped. Professor Mazze alluded to this. At best Rhode Island is a place where one, if one has the means, buys a second home to stay in part of the year, after they’ve made their money elsewhere. Rhode Island is not a place to raise children (unless on can afford private school) or to pursue the American Dream – whether as an employee or to startup a business. That is because the forces of the Rhode Island Dream will squash you. And what is the Rhode Island Dream?… Read more »

15 years ago

what is the Rhode Island Dream? Being on the state teat – either as a public sector employee, welfare industry “contractor” or a welfare recipient.
Posted by Tom W at December 27, 2008 11:04 AM
AMEN. Somebody should get Joe Trillo to introduce a joke bill changing the state’s motto to the above paragraph.

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