The Representative for the First Congressional District Will Probably Not Lack an Opponent Next Year

Yesterday afternoon, the RI Republican Party sent out this slightly coy e-mail.

Some Questions for Rhode Islanders in the First Congressional District
Do you think its time we replace Patrick Kennedy in Washington?
Would you like to see a real challenger emerge who has a proven track record fighting for Rhode Island?
A leader who was elected to three terms in the General Assembly?
A politician who is so effective and so good at building consensus that he has run unopposed by the majority party twice in a row?
Is serving in the Army Reserve for 26 years and retiring as a senior officer (lieutenant colonel) and helicopter pilot important experience to bring to Washington?
Would you like to have a successful small business owner, with real world experience represent you in Washington?
Is it time for the First Congressional District to have a Congressman we can all be proud of again?
If you answered yes to these questions, then I encourage you to send an e-mail to State Representative John Loughlin at and tell him, “Run John, Run!!!”
John served 26 years in the Army Reserve and is serving his 3rd term in the Rhode Island House, he is a successful small businessman. An Eagle Scout from Pawtucket, a graduate of Lincoln Sr. High School and a leader who reaches across the aisle to build consensus and get things done for his district.
If this is the kind of Rhode Islander you would like to represent you, e-mail him today. In fact, you may want to invite him to your next Republican town committee meeting and see for yourself.
You can learn more about John at
Run John, Run!

Following upon Rep Loughlin’s letter in Sunday’s ProJo critical of Congressman Kennedy’s support of the pork-laden stimulus bill, we can probably put two and two together without reaching for a calculator.

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