Administering Results for Negotiations

It would go too far to speculate that this sort of thing is widespread:

Statewide testing procedures were violated at Whiteknact Elementary School last October when at least 14 third graders were given extra time, the state Department of Education has concluded.
And now school officials are looking into whether another violation occurred when the standardized tests for students in grades 3 through 5 were administered at Whiteknact. …
Barbosa also said her daughter, also a Whiteknact student, told her that the person who administered the standardized tests in her classroom prompted the students with answers. Barbosa did not disclose what grade her daughter is in Tuesday night and she could not be reached Wednesday morning.

Students’ success on these tests has a direct bearing on contract negotiations, and especially given other tactics of unionized workforces, it’s reasonable to suggest that perhaps some third party should direct and supervise the test taking.

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15 years ago

“It would go too far to speculate that this sort of thing is widespread:” No need to “speculate”. Just use google and see how the teachers have been nabbed cheating on these tests nationwide. It is standard operating procedure. 60 minutes did a story on it within the last 18 months. The NEA is stuffed with sociopathic crooks and pedophiles. Anybody miss the Holyoke, Mass. NEA teacher who “eloped” to West Virginia this week with the 8th grader she was supposed to be educating? For some reason Pat Crowley didn’t have this story on his blog: 8th Grade Holyoke Teacher Lisa Lavoie of Maurice Donahue Elementary School charged with enticement of 15 year old student February 24, 2009 10:54 AM EST (Updated: February 24, 2009 11:57 AM EST) views: 471 | rating: 10/10 (3 votes) | comments: 6 Police found a missing 15-year-old Holyoke boy in Morgantown, W.Va. late last night in a hotel room with his eighth grade teacher Lisa Lavoie, Wilbraham. Holyoke teacher Lisa Lavoie, 24, of Wilbraham, was employed at the Maurice A. Donahue Elementary School up until the incident. Aside from the enticement charges that being pressed against Lisa Lavoie, authorities believe that statutory rape was committed by the Holyoke teacher. Concerns over the nature of Lisa Lavoie’s relationship with the 15 year old Holyoke boy were raised by the boy’s parents when they contacted Maurice Donahue Elementary School on Feb 13th prior to the actual abduction. The Holyoke boy’s parents reported him missing three days later on Feb. 16. Mayor Michael J. Sullivan said in a press release, “We are quite concerned. It is something that goes without saying that we won’t tolerate. We don’t think there is any school district that would tolerate this type of behavior.” Holyoke Detective David Usher was able to… Read more »

15 years ago

I found it interesting that nowhere in the article was there a reference to the “teacher”. That’s who the “test administrator” is. What prevented the Journal from using the term teacher?
It seems that even when unionistas are caught redhanded in RI, the powers that be still manage to shield them from blame.
In the real world people lose their jobs over this type of conduct.

15 years ago

Of course the teacher was not mentioned. The teacher would never get fired, the union will see to that. Maybe it is time for a third party to administrate these tests. You have to understand the “reporter” that covered this is not going to say anything that is going to get things stirred up with the union, solidarity forever, even when it’s wrong.
Good for the parent who is also on the school committee. At least someone is looking out for the students.
It would be interesting to see if the scores that went up in other grades or other schools in RI or East Providence, maybe had someone who gave prompts or extra time.

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