Everything Is Rosy, Now Obama’s Found Rosy

So that two-trillion-dollar deficit? Turns out it might be the optimistic scenario:

The administration insists it isn’t so, but some private economists are wondering if the Obama administration has brought “Rosy Scenario” back to town.
In unveiling his budget, President Barack Obama pledged to bring “honesty and fairness” back to the budget process by getting rid of the gimmicks past administrations had used to hide the real costs of government programs and proposed tax cuts.
But many economists who examined the economic assumptions that undergird the spending plan believe that Obama may have resorted to one of the oldest gimmicks around — relying on overly optimistic economic assumptions to make it look like you are dealing with soaring budget deficits when in reality you are only closing the gap on paper.

I suppose nobody should have expected that the president would be able to change the world on the cheap, and as Mark Steyn reminds us, that is the project on which our nation has now embarked:

If you find it hard to keep track of these all these evolutions, the President in his address to Congress finally spilled the beans and unveiled our new hero in his final form: the Incredible Bulk, Statezilla, Governmentuan, a colossus bestriding the land like a, er, colossus. What superpowers does he have? All of them! He can save the economy, he can reform health care, he can prevent foreclosures, he can federalize daycare, he can cap the salary of his archenemies the sinister Fat Cats who “pad their pay checks and buy fancy drapes.” No longer will the citizenry cower in fear of fancy drapes: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! With one solar panel on the roof of his underground headquarters, Governmentuan can transform the American energy sector and power his amazing Governmentmobile, the new environmentally friendly supercar that soon we’ll all be driving because we’ll be given government car loans to buy the government cars! He’ll have hundreds of thousands of boy sidekicks, none of whom will ever be allowed to drop out of high school because (in the words of his famous catchphrase) “that’s no longer an option!” “Gee, thanks, Governmentuan!” says Diplomaboy the Boy Wonder, as he goes off to college to study Gender As A Social Construct until he’s 34.

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15 years ago

A truly hillarious article in today’s NY Times. The most amusing part is the opening paragraph-“is in the midst of an especially grim economic meltdown, and no one can pinpoint exactly why.”. LOL. Now we see why leftist newspapers are rapidly heading toward oblivion. One of the most corrupt, highest taxed states with policies which repeatedly tell productive people to “screw” while telling leeches from all America and beyond to “come hither”, with twice as many employees per capita making twice as much total compensation as the national per capitas and these geniuses just can’t “pinpoint exactly why”. Here is the article- Smallest State Faces Economy-Size Problems Jodi Hilton for The New York Times Laid-off Colibri workers rallying for pay and benefits. * E-Mail * Print * Reprints * ShareClose o Linkedin o Digg o Facebook o Mixx o My Space o Yahoo! Buzz o Permalink o Article Tools Sponsored By By ABBY GOODNOUGH and KATIE ZEZIMA Published: February 28, 2009 Skip to next paragraph Enlarge This Image Jodi Hilton for The New York Times A onetime office building in Providence represents Rhode Island’s past — it was built in 1740 — and present: it is vacant. PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Rhode Island is in the midst of an especially grim economic meltdown, and no one can pinpoint exactly why. The smallest state, it is saddled with some of the nation’s biggest problems: the second highest unemployment rate, at 10 percent, according to the latest federal figures; and among the highest foreclosure rates, widest budget gaps and most-vulnerable pension systems. Rhode Island is arguably the most economically hobbled state after Michigan, whose troubles and 10.6 percent unemployment rate are far easier to explain as the auto industry collapses. Now, as Rhode Island contends with a foundering economy and a stagnant, aging… Read more »

15 years ago

I missed it! When did the Obamaniacs sneak into Providence to get their revenue estimating training from our General Assembly leadership?
The lunacy makes ya wanna bust out in song.

Tom W
Tom W
15 years ago

Steyn forgot to mention the upcoming iteration:
Printing money faster than a speeding bullet!
Taxation more powerful than a locomotive!
Able to establish socialism in a single bound!

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