A Gracious Invitation to Vice President Biden

Further to Vice President Joseph Biden’s comments

Looking to strike fear and compliance in the hearts of local officials, Vice President Joe Biden warns that if they use money from the economic stimulus fund to build what he regards as the wrong kind of projects, “I’ll show up in your city and say this was a stupid idea.”
“No swimming pools!” he implored. “No tennis courts!” he begged. “No golf courses!” he pleaded. “No Frisbee parks!” he exhorted.
“This can’t be government as usual,” he told an assemblage of local officials invited to the White House from around the country.

earlier this week, a “New Business” item on the agenda for last Thursday’s RIGOP Convention included this resolution. It concludes

We the members of the Rhode Island Republican Party do hereby extend an invitation to the Vice President to come to the City of Pawtucket at his earliest convenience and show that he is a man of his word, that his threats are not idle, and declare to the American public that expending $550,000 of stimulus funds on a skateboard park and renovations to tennis and basketball courts is a “stupid idea”.

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