House Republicans React to the G.A. Supplemental Budget

… in a Press Release of today.

House Minority Leader Robert A. Watson (R-Dist.30 East Greenwich, West Greenwich) and the members of the House Minority Caucus today said that tax increases and the failure to provide our cities and towns management rights advocated by Governor Carcieri are unacceptable.
“House Republicans have drawn a line in the sand and want to be clear, all tax and fee increases are unacceptable and must come out,” says Watson, “furthermore, the management and funding proposals contained in the Governor’s initial budget must be restored.”
“Absent such changes, we urge our house colleagues to reject this budget and we would urge the Governor to veto it should it reach his desk, as is,” Watson said.
House Minority Whip John Loughlin (R-Dist. 71 Tiverton, Portsmouth, Little Compton) also called into question the way in which major elements of the budget, such as the gasoline tax, were inserted without pubic hearings or legislative input. “I can not understand how anyone could vote for a budget that is so detrimental to our local communities without having any meaningful input on the decision making process.” Loughlin said.
“Mayors and Town Managers will not be pleased when they get their budgets cut and lose any hope of making local decisions to save money,” said Loughlin
“In order to help our House colleagues who want to vote for the supplemental budget, we have prepared a form letter * they can send to the communities they represent,” he said.

Indeed, for cities and towns, the General Assembly’s budget is the worst of all worlds: “they get their budgets cut and lose any hope of making local decisions to save money”.
* Republican’s suggested form letter to follow shortly.

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