Yeah. The Candidate of “Fiscal Responsibility”

All one needs to know about Lincoln Chafee and his pending run for governor (including his status as a garden-variety left-wing Democrat) is revealed in this:

The Republican-turned-Independent Chafee has been out and about seeking support from George Nee, secretary-treasurer of the state AFL-CIO, among others. Late last week, Nee said he had lunch with Chafee six or seven weeks ago and told him that a year and a half out is way too early to make a commitment to anyone. But, Nee said, “I think that Linc Chafee has had a very good record with the labor community and I think he would be given very, very serious and respectful consideration.”

He can run or not, as far as I’m concerned, but I’m not so sure that the common wisdom that he’d split the Republican vote is accurate. At best, he’ll split both parties, but I imagine he’d cost the Democrats more, especially if they run a candidate who pleases the state’s progressives.

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14 years ago

Justin my local dream ticket is Linc Chafee for Gov and Patrick Kennedy as Lt Gov. Now that’s a ticket whose politics and intellectual capacity accurately reflects this states population. The state is going to hell anyhow so we might as well vote for the entertainment value. Can you imagine Linc Chafee giving a State of the State address? It’d take him 2 1/2 hours given his halting style and inability to speak in complete sentences.
What was also very revealing in that story were the comments of good old boy insider RINO’s like Missing Linc Almond and John Holmes. The presence of frauds like that within the RI GOP is why that party has never grown.

14 years ago

Is it true that, then candidate, Lincoln Chafee received money from Haliburton for past politcal runs? If so, this should be brought to the voters attention. We can’t have more of the same old boy politics and back room dealings.

Scott Bill Hirst
Scott Bill Hirst
14 years ago

I can see the element or dynamics where Linc Chafee can win. It happened in Connecticut with Lowell Weicker. I plan to support the Republican nominee.
The “Dems” will have a “bruising” primary, no doubt, and the GOP needs a strong candidate. However it is early yet, but time is now for fundraising and organization is NOW! Rhode Island is small enough that money is not as important as other states.
I like John A. Holmes, Jr., a Republican I admire. One of GOP’s greatest state chairs. In 1983 through his leadership the GOP actually came CLOSE to gaining control of the Rhode Island State Senate. Let the HISTORICAL FACTS speak for themselves.

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