Global Warming vs Climate Change: Clarifying Terms on Earth Day

Over the course of the last couple of years, environmental advocates have slyly substituted the term “climate change” for “global warming”.
Climate change is quite a different phenomenon than global warming. How can this redefinition of terms be anything other than a tacit acknowledgement that AGW is no longer a viable theory? The theory of anthropogenic global warming had purported to be both scientific and quite specific as to effect. Al Gore so testified – “the planet has a fever” – before the Senate as recently as two years ago; the Daily Show with Jon Stewart “covered” his testimony below, starting at minute 1:10, ending at minute 3:00.
But if the very people who have posited the theory no longer acknowledge the effect, clearly, there is no need to search for a hypothesized cause; in this case, the actions of man in generating too much greenhouse gas. Global warming has turned into the all-encompassing climate change, a phenomenon simultaneously easy and impossible to prove. No danger is posed and, accordingly, no action by man is required.

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Ralph Greco
Ralph Greco
14 years ago

The whole global warming issue would disappear in a flash if those behind it were prevented from benefiting from it financially. Notice how every solution to the problem involves some form of transferring wealth to those who will ‘save’ us from the catastrophe.
Those who are interested in the real science on this subject should visit
It is one of the few places that provides the facts and illustrates how the left has distorted the science.

14 years ago

Yes, Climate Chnage is a tacit acknowldgement that they might have to hide their dirty little secret.
The role of CO2 is massively exaggerated, and the discussion obfuscated by large amounts of Global Warming funding for climate pseudo-scientists who need to keep their jobs.
Antarctic ice growth, recovery of Arctic ice, switch of the 30 year Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) to its cool phase several years ago, and the lowest level of solar activity in almost 100 years might lead to what? The last 7 years of global cooling perhaps? But, never, mind the MSM won’t report it, so those things don’t exist.
BTW a couple of other good sites are and

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