Operation Clean Government Panel Audio (Continued 3)

Picking up from the end of the previous string of audio, the following audio is as described on Anchor Rising’s live blogging of Operation Clean Government’s spring forum:

  • WPRO’s Dan Yorke asks how leaders can accomplish a major change in Rhode Island: stream, download (57sec)
  • URI economics professor Leonard Lardaro suggests that we have to look toward the future in our decisions and that “everybody’s indirect motto is ‘everything’s negotiable'”: stream, download (1min 32sec)
  • First audience question goes to the man who shouted out angrily at General Treasurer Frank Caprio, who predicts a Governor Caprio and winds up asking why Rhode Islanders vote so badly: stream, download (2min 38sec)
  • Representative Elizabeth Dennigan (D., East Providence, Pawtucket) suggests that voters should “be discerning” and vote based on issues, not personality: stream, download (27sec)
  • John Hazen White, Jr., President and CEO of Taco, Inc., expresses the opinion that people should vote for politicians who don’t see it as a career: stream, download (19sec)
  • Buddy from Johnston asks Dennigan to stop legislative grants (“rub and tug”), and she replies, “It’s not an equitable system, and it’s not dispersed equallly, so it shouldn’t be dispersed at all”: stream, download (1min 49sec)
  • Caprio answers a call for a pitch from government to business by saying that the government should exist to serve businesses, period; “Over taxation; over regulation; every time a business deals with government, it’s confrontational”:stream, download (1min 29sec)
  • An audience questioner asks, as a landlord, where tenants are going to come from, and she and Yorke have an interesting discussion on citizen activism: stream, download (5min 23sec)
  • Another questioner decries government cronyism: stream, download (1min 57sec)
  • Terry Gorman of Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement asks why the state can’t pass E-Verify: stream, download (1min 29sec)
  • Dennigan is “glad to see that the Obama administration is working on a system that will secure our borders”: stream, download (41sec)
  • Caprio says, “Pass E-Verify; we’re a country of laws; enforce the law”: stream, download (13sec)
  • Department of Administration director Gary Sasse notes that the state currently uses E-Verify and businesses should be able to, and Yorke notes the difference in citizen enthusiasm between illegal immigration (high) and government inefficiency (low): stream, download (2min 56sec)
  • Caprio turns the question toward state aid and minimum manning mandates: stream, download (39sec)
  • Harry Staley of Rhode Island Statewide Coalition takes the audience mic expresses the concern of suburbanites that regionalization and consolidation will only direct money to the maw of Providence, and Yorke suggests that RISC make this its issue: stream, download (2min 38sec)
  • An audience questioner promotes ending the straight ticket ballot option, and Dennigan says she “strongly supports” it, as do others on the panel: stream, download (1min 13sec)
  • An audience member offers her diagnosis of Rhode Island’s problem: “Rhode Island is a victim of rape”: stream, download (32sec)
  • Another audience members says Rhode Islanders don’t know what to believe and are too trusting of their leaders and asks how to develop a relationship with their representatives; Caprio: “Run against them or get in their face with a lot of people”: stream, download (2min 29sec)
  • Yorke talks about wrapping up: stream, download (24sec)
  • An audience question about searching for a new Economic Development director; Sasse answers: stream, download (1min 17sec)
  • Governor’s wife Sue Carcieri mentions the problem of monopartisanism and raises voter ID: stream, download (1min 32sec)
  • Caprio notes his ranking on Anchor Rising’s top 10 right-of-center list for RI and, after some prompting from Yorke, declares definitively that he is not considering switching parties: stream, download (1min 17sec)
  • A college student expresses fear about not finding a job in Rhode Island and asks whether the people leaving the state like him or are more established people packing up and going; general agreement of “both,” including from Lardaro: stream, download (1min 16sec)
  • Former OCG director Bruce Lang speaks of reducing the size of government, implementing term limits for legislators, and the power of public employee unions (“run the legislature”): stream, download (1min 20sec)
  • Dennigan notes that 55% of the state budget is social services but refuses to answer whether unions and social service advocates should dominate government expenditures, instead giving an example of somebody who relies on social services: stream, download (1min 54sec)
  • Yorke recalls the question about having state government “get out of a business” or two: stream, download (27sec)
  • An audience member talks about cutting taxes and being more targeted in government solutions and citizen activism: stream, download (1min 23sec)
  • Another audience member recaps and raises the straight ticket issue again: stream, download (51sec)
  • Representative Rod Driver (D., Charlestown, Exeter, Richmond) decries prevailing wage requirements and other state mandates on cities and towns: stream, download (41sec)
  • The panel members state that which they learned during the morning’s event: stream, download (1min 32sec)
  • Governor Don Carcieri offers a closing summation, saying that government is not the proper channel for charity and social justice: stream, download (6min 38sec)
  • Yorke offers his own closing summation: stream, download (2min 42sec)
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