Washington’s Unfortunate Bipartisanship on Human Rights

… and not so much a pure, reach-across-the-aisle spirit is the basis for President Obama’s selection of our next ambassador to China, The Corner’s Jay Nordlinger has concluded.

I have had a line for some years now: Just as China is a one-party state, America is a one-party state, where China policy is concerned. There are no R’s and D’s; virtually the entire political establishment wants the same thing: to make money off China (often a pipedream); to accommodate China; and not to ruffle China at all (e.g., by bringing up what the government does to its citizens).

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12 years ago

Get me a 13% flat income tax or institute a fair national sales tax to replace the income tax and I swear I won’t buy another thing that’s made in China.
As long as a third to a half of my income goes to some tax or another, I going to need to bargain shop.

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