‘Family’ is Goode

I’ve been traveling for the last couple weeks, and last Wednesday while doing some work holed up in my hotel room, I stumbled on “The Goode Family“. It made me chuckle quite a few times. As described in today’s ProJo:

Though it will no doubt be labeled right-wing agitprop by some of its trashed targets, The Goode Family is not really conservative, but something closer to the barbed libertarianism of South Park. What the show is really mocking is groupthink conformity — some of the funniest bits in the opening episode concern the creepy sexual-abstinence group, where teenage girls “marry” their fathers.
But when ridiculing conformity these days in Hollywood, where late-night comics are afraid to tell Obama jokes, most of your targets will necessarily be left of center. And The Goode Family is fearless in firing at them. When Gerald, a college administrator, tells his boss his department needs more funding to improve the percentage of minority employees, the boss replies: “Or we could just fire three white guys. Everybody wins!”

There were many, may one-liners that were laugh-out-loud funny. But the fun poked at the broader mindset–the PC assumptions; the struggle to BE PC, and basically that no idea coming from “the other” could be good (and that goes both ways)–was spot on. The show is the work of Mike Judge, who sent up Texas rednecks in King of the Hill and, before that, slacker headbangers in Beavis and Butthead. I’m not sure if the Goode family will make it, times as they are, but it is worth a watch. (Btw, you can see it online here).

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