Must Have Missed the International Outrage…

In the midst of an especially worthwhile Nordlinger Impromptus one learns of this unheralded news:

Egyptian border police guards last week shot and killed another African migrant who tried to infiltrate the border into Israel.
Over the past three years, more than 60 African nationals, including women and children, have been shot and killed and hundreds others wounded or detained by Egyptian police guards in the Sinai Peninsula.
Most of the migrants were Christians from Ivory Coast, Sudan and Eritrea.

As for the nation toward which the migrants are headed:

“Because in our village in southern Sudan we have been hearing for a long time about the good life in Israel and that this was one of the few countries in the Middle East where Christians feel safe,” the wife said without hesitation. “We were also told that Israeli soldiers don’t open fire at women and children who are trying to cross the border.”

African emigrants, it would appear, are more likely to be shot in the back, as it were.
Be sure to take a look, as well, at Nordlinger’s anecdote about a disclaimer to be found on certain reprints of Chesterton’s Everlasting Man.

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14 years ago

The non response says it all. Too bad. Sad story. Africans are probably well acquainted with that response. You only notice because these are Christians. Or is it that it is that persecution thing.

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