Laffey Still Fighting

He doesn’t say where he’s been or what his intentions are, but Stephen Laffey is clearly still paying attention to Rhode Island and its problems:

… Laughing and joking last year, our leaders signed off on the 2008-09 “balanced” state budget. That “balanced” budget was really a $600 million deficit. It was fraud because they knew it then. And they know it now.
With 11 months of data in for fiscal 2008-09, revenues are running more than $400 million behind the final revised $3.1 billion estimate for total general revenues. And the last few months are showing even more ominous trends. So an aggressive total revenue budget for fiscal 2009-10 would have been $2.7 billion. Instead, our leaders agreed to forecast $3.1 billion in revenue again, putting us all at least another $400 million in the hole. …
One of the worst things about public fraud is that it’s contagious. When Governor Carcieri raids the rainy day fund and gets away with it, what is to stop cities like Cranston and Warwick from doing the same thing? Nothing, since they did it, too — and got away with it.
Let’s be frank. This fraudulent budget now puts Rhode Island on the road to collapse. Only, unlike California, whose comptroller has put out a loud warning, the Rhode Island populace will have to wait to be “surprised” when Rhode Island is about to miss payroll. The similarities between Rhode Island today and Cranston in 2002 before I became mayor are eerie. The lies were plentiful then and near bankruptcy ensued.

Perhaps Mr. Laffey still intends to join us for the sing-along:

Do you remember the day
They sold us down the river?
Neither do I
‘Cause it’s been happenin’ so long

But here we all are
Long miles from where we started
So out with those words
They chained us for a song

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14 years ago

Once a fighter, always a fighter.

14 years ago

A fighter, yes. …and the only one I know who dares to speak the plain truth.
This is why the self-interested, Gov. Carcieri included, weren’t too thrilled about the prospect of a Gov. Laffey: The day he would take office would be the day everyone, EVERYONE, in the state would know EVERYTHING! He’s not even in Public office and we learn more from him than we do from the State’s so-called leaders.
THAT, is the LEADER we need.
Run, Laffey. RUN!

14 years ago

maybe if he didnt run out of rhode island as quick as he could I’d be more open to hearing his opinions. If he still cares, why not actually run? Clearly his intentions are NOT to run for governor, thats been made clear over the last few months and with his house being for sale (odds are he hasnt been in the state for quite awhile now). Disappointed he tucked his tail and ran. Given what he said in his book and the current political climate, it would seem like the perfect time for a grassroots laffey campaign. One of the best lines of that article comes at the end when he states – “Not only is fraud committed, but the level of shenanigans is shocking. Among the many: • Raising the cigarette tax 40 percent to the highest in the nation and expecting much more revenue. • Jacking up the capital-gains tax to the level of ordinary income and budgeting $23.6 million more revenue, as if there was a Berlin Wall along the Rhode Island border to hold people in. They will just move to other states before cashing in their investments. • State representatives’ still taking free health insurance for a part-time gig, while the public at large suffers with higher and higher health-insurance costs. • The round-the-clock attempt to tax Rhode Island citizens for buying stuff on the Internet.” The highest cigarette prices in a state where it takes 15min to drive to 2 other states with less taxes. Good thinking. Sick everytime i think of this. Criminally inept, and the sad part is ask any RI citizen who their state rep/senators are and get that glossed over blank stare. But thats ok, lets give out more benefits and pensions to state workers and any unionized industry. Lets follow Pat Crowley… Read more »

14 years ago

Laffey…Now more than ever!

Scott Bill Hirst
Scott Bill Hirst
14 years ago

I believe Laffey is ELECTABLE if he runs in 2010 for Governor. With more than two candidates for Governor his chances are enhanced. The winner will not need slighly over 50% of the vote to win.
Laffey seems to have the important credentials and experience and track record at this time in our state’s history.

14 years ago

Laffey plays Richard III while Justin plays Buckingham.

Fear not, my lord, I’ll play the orator
As if the golden fee for which I plead
Were for myself: and so, my lord, adieu.

So says Buckingham while Richard plays the reluctant prince.

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