Woonsocket School Committee in the First Person Plural

[Following are paraphrased comments by School Committee members as they debated and then unanimously voted last night for an adjustment to the school budget that consisted of forty furlough days per teacher and the elimination of most student activities.]
What’s needed is a fair funding formula by the state. We need to say that Woonsocket’s state representatives support a fair funding formula — and they do, although why did they vote to level fund state aid to Woonsocket for the last two years?
The group that needs to be worked on to get a fair funding formula in place is the state reps from the suburbs, whose children not only have these programs that we are cutting — baseball, basketball — but they have swim teams, golf teams, etc. Our children don’t have this because they’re from Woonsocket. We need to explain to the state reps from other parts of the state what our children are missing out on versus their children.
We don’t like doing this [cutting student activities] but we have no choice under the law.

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14 years ago

How much of this is because Menard has done next to nothing for that city other than cater to the old people and not raise taxes? Woonsocket has the Museum of Work and History. Other than that? Any reason for someone to go to Woonsocket? CVS headquarters, that’s there, right? So a city/town is usually either a very nice town for families to live in, a tourist spot or a place for business. Which is Woonsocket? I don’t really see it as either. Who’s fault is this? I gotta place that blame on the long time mayor. The residents only have themselves to blame in keeping her in office without any real tangible results other than a lack of tax increases.

14 years ago

Having worked in Woonsocket for years, I agree with Patrick. Nothing is done because Sue has the backing of the good ‘ol boys on Smith Hill.
A City on the Move? As long as Menard’s running it, it’s a city on Ex-Lax.

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