Speaker Murphy’s Best of Rhode Island

House Speaker William Murphy, filling in today 10-21 for Buddy Cianci on WPRO, will not be taking calls, at least for the first couple of hours. Instead, he has indicated a desire to focus on some of the good things in and about Rhode Island.
Here, then, is the running list. Let me know if I miss an item referenced by the Speaker. First up, the
Pawtucket Red Sox
Speaker Murphy’s in studio guest for this hour is President of that organization, Mike Tamburo. Professional player agent Jeremy Kapstein has called in to praise both the Paw Sox organization and Rhode Island as a big baseball state; he has, however, declined to share any inside info on any potential major league trades.
URI Graduate School of Oceanography
Speaker Murphy’s telephonic guest is famed Oceanographer Dr. Robert Ballard, Professor at the URI School of Oceanography.
And hour three, with guests Leader Fox, Secretary Mollis and A.G. Lynch, was mainly devoted to positive legislation, pending and proposed, before the General Assembly.

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Warrington Faust
Warrington Faust
14 years ago

I have always been distrustful of Mr. Ballard. Although I do not have hard evidence, it appears to me that he looted the Titanic then had it declared a “graveyard” of sorts. This precludes dimunition of value in the items he “recovered”.

14 years ago

Callers would have to be heavily screened thats why he isn’t taking them.

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