Wednesday Morning Pause for Perspective

By way of pausing in the middle of the workweek for a breath of fresh air, take a moment to ponder the thoughts of Christina Puchalski, professor of medicine and health sciences at George Washington University School of Medicine and executive director of the George Washington Institute for Spirituality and Health, in a short interview with Sally Quinn:

… I also think that there’s something about religious beliefs and spiritual beliefs, again, that helps people understand suffering, find meaning in suffering. It helps you position your illness, if you will, in an appropriate place. So that instead of the illness becoming the sole meaning and focus in your life, it becomes part of your life. You find meaning from it, you find the ability to reframe your situation and move on.
Let’s say you have an amputation, and you can no longer do the art that you’ve done. What a spiritual approach would do is to say, “What is your life really about? Is it really about the art, or is it about something else?” It really helps you find another way to express that creativity, so that you don’t need your arm to do the art, you might be able to teach about art, or you might be able to do something else.

I’ve been increasingly impressed with the reality that faith makes ever situation win-win. Either one may enjoy the bounty of life, or one may learn from a challenge, which amounts to the same thing.
OK. Back to work.

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14 years ago

Just wanted to acknowledge reading and appreciating your post.
Well said. Thanks for the info.

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