East Providence GOP Fall Fundraiser, Part 1

Herewith, the first YouTube clips from Thursday night’s GOP fundraiser in East Providence.

In the extended entry: RIGOP Chairman Gio Cicione, Cranston Mayor Allan Fung, and Congressional Candidate Mark Zaccaria.

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12 years ago

The first thing I see under this post is Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian, who happens to be supporting Lincoln Chafee for Governor over Rory Smith. Republicans, talk about a group that can’t shoot straight.

12 years ago

Scott is first I presume, because he was chronologically first to speak, because he had to leave early. Don’t write anything more into it. I thought Allan’s remarks were pretty nice, as it was the first EPGOP event he’s been to.

12 years ago

Why do Republicans welcome this traitor with open arms? He stands for no Republican principals at all. He raises taxes every year by about 5-percent, is pro-abortion, and is a favorite of Warwick’s public sector unions.
It’s not surprising that he openly supports Lincoln Chafee. So long as conservatives allow these Democrat double agents in their party, they can’t be taken seriously.
Do you disagree Will?

12 years ago

1. He is currently one of only two “Republican” mayors in Rhode Island.
2. To my knowledge, he has never missed one of our fundraisers since he’s been mayor in Warwick. That can only be said of very few GOP officials in Rhode Island. While his loyalty to the principles of the Republican Party on the national level could easily be questioned, in so far as helping local committees is concerned, he’s been there to give his support.
3. His money is green. He was actually the very first person outside of East Providence to mail us a check.
4. The people of Warwick are the only ones responsible for keeping him in office, or tossing him out. Thus far, they have elected to do the former. If rumors are any indication, that may change come 2010.
As most people know, I disagree substantially with a lot of what he does in his official capacity. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t be hospitable. When a mayor come to your event, you acknowledge that.
Last point, if you listen to what he actually said in the video, I don’t think you’d find anything to disagree with.

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