How Dead Can Capitalism Be…

…when Harvard University‘s alumni magazine is publishing articles about Ayn Rand that end on this note…

Nearly 30 years after her death, Rand’s once controversial philosophy of individualism and capitalism has become part of the warp and woof of American political culture.

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Warrington Faust
Warrington Faust
11 years ago

If you have read Atlas Shrugged, particularly Francisco’s speech, you are amazed at the nuumber of Randroids.
I recall listening to Alan Greenspan’s first speech and thinking “that is Francisco’s speech”. Later, while stealing a read of a Rand biography at Borders, I flipped through the picture section. There was Alan Greenspan, in uniform as a member of her softball team.
I have enjoyed Rand’s books, but find “objectivism” a little too self centered and a little to selfish for me.
I take pride in the fact that conservatives give more to charity than liberals. I am not sure this includes “causes”. I am selective about my charities.

11 years ago

Mostly the warp.

11 years ago

“Rand’s once controversial philosophy”
Interesting. So it’s no longer controversial? It’s just accepted?

11 years ago

I never knew there was a Rand-Greenspan personal connection.
It’s ironic considering he’s the father of the bailout and godfather of the bubble. Alan Greenspan has done more to undermine liberty and help government grow than anyone… until Bernanke

11 years ago

“I have enjoyed Rand’s books, but find “objectivism” a little too self centered and a little to selfish for me.”
The very essence of objectivism is selfishness. In my opinion the basic principal of conservativism is similar. The word “selfish” has been corrupted and brings with it the vision of miserly, miserable people counting their money while Rome burns.
The objectivists I know are full of life and ambition and lead productive lives, the result of which directly benefit society at large, though that is not their purpose.
One thing I respect about a true objectivist, as evidenced by John Galt when responding to Ellsworty Toohey’s question, after it appears Toohey’s communist plots have succeeded in destroying societies will, “what do you think of me?”
“I don’t.”
So don’t expect any commentary here from the Ayn Rand followers. They don’t think about us at all.

Warrington Faust
Warrington Faust
11 years ago

“I never knew there was a Rand-Greenspan personal connection.”
Absolutely. He really was on her softball team.
“The very essence of objectivism is selfishness.”
Everything can be taken to extremes. As it is with “cafeteria Catholics”, so it is with Randroids. The author of the novel “Providence” also wrote a book about his life in boarding school. He describes a visit, and talk, by Ayn Rand. She does not come off very well. I wasn’t there, so I cannot vouch for the accuracy. I noticed that WFB, that champion of conservatism, was not enraptured with her.
As to telling Toohey that you never think of him. That makes a great dramatic novel, in real life it is unlikely to advance your cause. It would just seem rude. Rand seemed unconcerned with respect for the people around her. Flaunting younger lovers in front of her husband does not strike me as acceptable behavior. I understnad her husband then turned to the same thing, so was it even a marriage?

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