Senate President: Paperwork Required for This One, Not for Those 12 Million

While Senator Jim Webb (D-Virginia) has called for all further votes on health care reform to be suspended until Scott Brown is seated, Mark Steyn points to Senate President Reid’s new-found enchantment with documentation.

Harry Reid’s reluctance to seat Senator Brown (R., Mass.) — boy, I enjoyed typing that — until “the proper paperwork has been received” seems awfully finicky for a man who famously declared he wanted to bring “12 million undocumented Americans out of the shadows.”

A duly elected freshman Republican? Check his paperwork!
Twelve million potential supporters of me and my party? Waive them right in!
A compromise, Mr. Senate President? Let’s check everyone’s documentation, including that of the new Senator from Massachusetts.

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joe bernstein
joe bernstein
14 years ago

Reid sees Brown’s election for what it is-the land mine that blew the track off the socialist juggernaut that Obama was trying to unleash on this country.It still isn’t over,but the ‘agenda”is shaky-its architects are getting nervous.
Reid will probably be booted out in November.Pelosi will not be,but her position of power within Congress may well be compromised.
Boxer is vulnerable.Dorgan’s seat will probably go Republican,Dodd’s probably not.
This a last desperate move by a wounded cockroach.It won’t hold up for 5 minutes-after Sen.Webb showed some ethical behavior by stating he wouldn’t vote until Brown was seated,Obama changed his “straight ahead”rant.All of a sudden he’s moderated his demeanor.I think he knows that for all his speechifying and posturing,he’s reached too far and he’s finding out the American people didn’t give him and his Clintonista/Soros cabal a carte blanche to tear down the fabric of the nation.
Anyone catch that rat bastard Rahm Emanuel on TAPE saying the 1st amendment is overrated?I wonder what Stevie Brown thinks of that?Emanuel is the Rasputin of the 21st century.

joe bernstein
joe bernstein
14 years ago

It was on a film clip shown on Hannity-he was talking to a reporter or somebody-not really sure who the other person was-the words were unmmistakeable-the arrogance and venom of this runaway from a Dr.Seuss book are beyond belief.
Oops,I just called Rahm a name-Jeff,don’t have a cow.

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