Treasury @ Haute Couture: Geithner to Have a Layout Be Profiled in Vogue

One question. Why?? [H/T the Fred Thompson Show.]

If last year’s bailout of the financial industry caused you to start muttering words like investment banker and robber baron in the same sentence, it may cheer you to know that Timothy Geithner, the man responsible for crafting much of that bailout, agrees with you. “I am,” he says, seated in his Washington, D.C., office, an intimidatingly ornate room worthy of a Hogwarts headmaster, “incredibly angry at what happened to our country.”
* * *
What little free time he has, he prefers to spend with his children, building a ramp in the driveway for skateboarding, surfing off the coast of Cape Cod, building a guitar by hand with his teenage son, or reading—a recent title on his Kindle is The Places in Between, Rory Stewart’s account of walking the length of Afghanistan. …

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