The Microwave at Your Ear

Nobody likes to be the superstitious Luddite afraid of the antennas on the 1950s television set, but still, warnings such as Christopher Ketcham’s enter into our consciousness from time to time:

We love our digital gadgets — “magic” devices that define cool and promise to remake our lives for the better. But there is growing evidence of a dark side to the techno-magic. Your cellphone, and any other wireless device that depends on electromagnetic (EM) microwave radiation to function, may be hazardous to your health.
Most of the bad news comes from major labs and research institutions in Europe. What they’re reporting is that using cellphones and Wi-Fi transmitters — which operate using similar frequencies — can have biological effects on the brain and body.

Most of us cannot possibly devote the time to sorting through the necessary findings and qualifications, determining which device has what effect under what circumstances for how long and regular a usage. Strapping a cranked up cell phone to a rat’s head might be as damaging as injecting sugar directly into its heart, but the practical lessons that the average consumer should draw ought to be decisions, not reactions. Positives and negatives, in other words, have to be weighed.
That said, inasmuch as is possible, it’s wise to take precautions. Personally, I dislike any but the shortest cellphone conversations without the use of a separate headset, and I can’t help but wince every time I see kids walking down Main Street with phones pressed tightly to the ear. Children in the single digits of age are now being handed such devices, and whatever the social and psychological effect might be, we won’t know, for a full lifespan, the consequences to their physical health.

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11 years ago

This is good science but any global
warming science is all bs?

11 years ago

The reports from Europe should be fair warning.
Tongue in cheek, I can’t help but think that in ten years or so, some of the then-continuing huge RI budget deficit will be plugged with RI’s portion of a huge settlement with the cell-phone companies. Maybe that’s why Smith Hill is so complacent about the deficit now….

Justin Katz
11 years ago

Redtip: Ummm, no. These warnings are enough to justify using a hands-free headset and keeping young children off cellphones. Global warming alarmism is not enough to gut the global economy for the next century.

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