Not Letting Division Define the Discourse

I’ve been in communication with Rhode Island Log Cabin Republicans Chairman Raymond Beltran since his emergence at a recent Rhode Island Voter Coalition meeting, and expect to work with him as the local political machinery moves forward. It’s important, though, to counter the liberal and mainstream media tendency to sow division where there is none — or no more than exists in any heterogeneous group. Says Beltran, in this week’s Political Scene:

“The perception of the GOP being bigoted and narrow-minded — at least in Rhode Island — is hopefully coming to a close,” Beltran said. “We’re a very different breed in Rhode Island in many ways. We have one of the most forward-thinking Republican parties in the country.”

The tricky word, here, is “perception.” The perception should change, is changing, but the baseline for the markers of bigotry should not adjust along with them. Party Chairman Gio Cicione also swings close to this edge:

Cicione, meanwhile, acknowledged that “there are factions of every party that are intolerant,” but that he was glad to have the Log Cabins on board.
“I can’t imagine there are any significant numbers there,” he said of the critics.

Again, we have to be clear about the boundaries of “intolerance.” I’m glad to have Beltran and the Log Cabin Republicans stepping forrward as a visible component of the Republican Party — emphasizing, of course, that I’m more of an ideological conservative than a partisan Republican — and I expect them to advocate for whatever positions they determine to define their mission. No doubt traditionalists like me will work with them in some cases and spar with them in others. And at no point will bigotry and intolerance be a factor.

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13 years ago

So what are you saying? Are you suggesting that you might tone down your anti-gay rhetoric if you perceive a political advantage to it?
I thought you were all about “standing your ground”?
Since you didn’t actually mention it in your post, the Log Cabin Republicans are a gay and lesbian organization which advocates positions that seem 100% in conflict with your politics! Examples include:
1. Gay Marriage – they want it, you don’t.
2. Gay Adoption – they it, do you?
3. Gay “family units’ being treated by society and law exactly as heretos – they want it, do you?
4. Guest worker program and eased legal immigration – they want it, do you?
5. More public sex education and disease prevention (not just abstinence) – they want it, you do not (according to blog posts here).
I could go on, but basically their platform reads like a far left agenda….yet you are in “talks” with them?
Politics makes strange bedfellows, but who knew you would so easily be swayed by the gay community? What do you stand for?
Are your politics simply anti-union? Could we even take that out of the equation if we have you hired by the carpenters unions?
I always knew you were a liberal. Now I am doubly sure! Welcome to the party, Justing…’ll see…you can shake hands with those gays and not even get a disease!

13 years ago

Please, no more talk about gay Republicans. We don’t want to be responsible for the governor or her husband “taking a hot.”
They’ll make peace with unions or immigrants first.

13 years ago

You forgot partner burial rights.

13 years ago

Interesting that the #2 man at the famous Family Research Council was just busting “renting a boy” for his worldwide travels!
In other words, hiring a male prostitute escort…..
Yeah, he’s a Republican. Here is the story:
OK, Joe, now you know why my favorite word to describe the right wing faith-based liars is:
Would you not agree?

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