So the New-and-Now-Defunct Non-Space Goals for NASA Were Just a Trial Balloon?

Well, at least that would be sort of related to space, unlike the goals themselves, which have apparently been … withdrawn.

[NASA Administrator Charles] Bolden caused a global stir last week when he said President Obama had asked him to reach out to Muslim leaders on science issues. He made the comments during an interview with Al Jazeera while visiting Egypt.
But White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Monday, “That was not his task, and that’s not the task of NASA.”
Gibbs said White House officials have spoken to Bolden and NASA about the comments.

At first, I thought perhaps KLo at the Corner had exaggerated when she described this as the White House throwing Bolden under the bus. Just last week, however, the White House had reaffirmed the goals, though embellished with a nice little I-meant-we-would-all-do-this-together, internationalism florish, nor had they corrected Bolden when he first outlined the goals publicly in February. Possibly it wasn’t Bolden that White House officials needed to speak about this matter but his boss who, almost two years after winning a presidential election, is obviously still in community-organizing mode, albeit on a much larger scale.

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13 years ago

De-fund NASA completely (not because of the comments) and put the $13B+ a year to better use.

13 years ago

It’s called “message discipline.”
Not a lot of it in evidence in the Obama Administration at this point.
When you’re campaigning and your only message is “hope and change” it’s not too hard to keep everyone on the same sheet of music . . .
. . . but once you’ve got “actual responsibilities” (like, say, the Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska?) it’s not quite so easy to just vote “present.”

Mike Cappelli
Mike Cappelli
13 years ago

Once again, we have more evidence of the mistake you make when electing a president via affirmative action. I’ve have never seen a less competent person in an executive capacity in my life as Obama.
It is mindboggling that we elected a guy who we knew so little about, and continue to know so little about. But, the more we do get to know about him is frightening. Obama is the biggest fraud puled over on the American public of all time. Just amazing!!

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