Concerns About Process in Central Falls

The city of Central Falls is surely better off without Mayor Charles Moreau in office, and many of us likely share the opinion (from afar) that he’d best serve the state by taking this opportunity to quietly exit public service (which phrase I type with some difficulty, in this context). But let’s take a moment to phrase in frank terms what has happened: The state has appointed a person, unaccountable to voters except through the multiple steps from him to the Department of Revenue to the governor, who has stripped an elected official of everything except the title of his office and some entry-level pay on the premise that “you can’t have two leaders.” If he so chooses, that appointee, retired Superior Court Judge Mark Pfeiffer,” could do the same to the City Council.
On a personal level, the outcome for Moreau is probably just, but the bare facts of the case ought to give us pause.

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David P
David P
13 years ago

The citizens of Central Falls may have lost their elected government but it’s their own fault. Either through venality or neglect, the voters of Central Falls elected a council and mayor that financially ruined the city. There’s an argument to be made that the citizens of Central Falls have forfeited the right to govern themselves, at least temporarily.

13 years ago

The Republican candidate for Attorney General, Erik Wallin, wants legislation passed granting him power to do essentially the same thing simply by bringing corruption charges against a politician. Except instead of special circumstances relating to city bankruptcy procedure, he would have the power to effectively remove ANY public official for years while they awaited trial. I don’t see any potential concerns there, do you?

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