In Case the Concept is Not Sufficiently Repulsing on its Face

Today, it’s brains, tomorrow pierced tongues. Then the next day, pierced brains.
– Jane Lane

The following is highlighted as a probably mostly unneeded (for A.R. readers) public service message regarding the health hazards of a pierced tongue.

People with tongue piercings risk developing gaps between their front teeth as a result of playing with the stud, US researchers have found.
The University of Buffalo team says that, as well as potentially requiring cosmetic work, people can develop infections and chipped teeth. …
The researchers said that people with tongue piercings were likely to push the metal stud up against their teeth and consequently cause gaps and other problems to arise.

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Warrington Faust
Warrington Faust
13 years ago

Considering the “message” of a tongue piercing, I really do wonder if this is an “anything goes” society. I suppose Paris Hilton taught us all we need to know.

joe bernstein
joe bernstein
13 years ago

Irritation normally is not carcinogenic,but it is in the oral cavity.A tongue stud can eventually cause tongue caancer.I have this disease since 1997 and I’ve had six surgeries for it.It doesn’t go away.I didn’t have a togue piercing nor ever use smokeless tobacco.
I got this info from an oral surgeon.

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