No National Democratic GOTV Money for RI

The principle of triage suggests that this Scott MacKay report from the WRNI (1290 AM) On Politics blog means that the Democrat powers-that-be think that their candidates in Rhode Island are either sure things or lost-causes…

The Democratic National Committee has dropped some end-of-campaign money into 11 states for Get-Out-The-Vote efforts heading into Tuesday’s elections, but Rhode Island is not one of them…
This `ground game’ money is for eleventh-hour GOTV expenses to try to hold the U.S. House and Senate for Democrats and win governorships.
Those involved at the nuts-and-bolts level of politics should plan their activities for the next two days accordingly.

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13 years ago

Yet again, this is where the national GOP misses the boat. Pump some money into RI, flip at least one of the Congressional seats, flip the Whitehouse seat and start building from there. RI would be so much cheaper to buy those seats than many other states. One media market, very condensed, very little travel. It’s ideal. Dumb.

13 years ago

“No National Democratic GOTV Money for RI”
Nothing personal, I’m sure.

13 years ago

Did the GOP drop some national money for GOTV in RI?
I would tend to think that the dems didn’t because they don’t think they have to. Remember Kennedy first won his seat in 94 when there was a large anti-dem feeling in the middle of Clinton’s first term. Looks like that is what is going to happen with Cicilline too(fyi I am not a Cicilline supporter).
That is the only race where the GOP had a chance. District 2 is a total lock for the Dems.

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