A Few Quick Notes

  • The current issue of Rhode Island Monthly has a one-page review of political blogs in the state, by Ellen Liberman, and Anchor Rising is right at the top of the page. The list isn’t alphabetical, but I’m still glad that we began with an A.
  • I had a dinner meeting in Attleboro on Tuesday, and I’m prepared to offer the award for Most Convoluted Detour to the person who laid out the alternate route from Rt. 1 to 95 South through Pawtucket. With strange turns, surprise signs, and one that had been mostly ripped off or shot up, I’m still amazed that I made it home by dawn.
  • Last night, I had a one-on-one meeting in Tiverton, and since I’ve been beckoned daily by the big sign advertising a pumpkin chai, I requested The Black Goose Café as the location. The chai was unbelievable, and it’s repeatedly come to mind throughout the day. Unfortunately, it was also $4.50, which is more than I can justify spending on a 12 oz. beverage even as a special-occasion treat.
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