Gathering in the Salon

If you’re a resident of Rhode Island who disagrees with a position and intended action of Governor-elect Lincoln Chafee, you’ll find his public chambers blocked. But those who cut a powerful visage, and their sundry attendants, he’ll welcome to his manse to foster amicability among our state aristocrats:

Chafee took another step toward amicable relations with the Assembly on Thursday evening, hosting a private cocktail reception for legislative leaders at his home in Warwick.
Chafee spokesman Michael Trainor said about 40 were in attendance, including senior staff for the assembly delegation, members of Chafee’s growing Cabinet, and their spouses and wives.
“It was a kind of get acquainted and establish a personal relationship with persons in the Assembly,” he said. “From our view, it’s time to bring Rhode Island together rather than drive it apart. Unlike the prior administration, we want to collaborate with the Assembly as well as other major constituencies like business and labor.”

Of course, cocktails are quite another thing from policy discussion. Those on the guest list may or may not have opportunity to open the gov-elect’s mind, but at least they can bask in the glow of rulership.

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Phil Hirons, Jr.
Phil Hirons, Jr.
13 years ago

This is all starting to look too cozy. I see the next 2 sessions of the GA suddenly passing needed reforms by small margins only to have them vetoed. Then Foxweed can say we don’t have enough votes to override, sorry. It’s just an expanded version of pass in the House and ignore in the Senate and vice versa.

13 years ago

“and their spouses and wives.”
Hmm, I guess Phil and Randy don’t consider wives to be spouses. Only husbands?

13 years ago

How do you define “aristocrat”. Is it a member of the aristocracy, a nobleman? Is it an advocate of an aristocratic form of government? Is it someone who is considered stylish and elegant? Since we have no “nobles” in this country, is an aristocrat a very wealthy person whose money affords him an ex-officio ear to those in power? If it’s the last case, as you imply, then every governor is surrounded by aristocrats, even that of that great man of the people, Don Carcieri. Are you saying that only Democrats can be “aristocrats”? In your eyes, can a Republican be an “aristocrat”?
You don’t like Chafee, so you attach the word “aristocrat” to him. It makes for a disingenuous case on your part to selectively apply what you consider a pejorative, when it is obvious that an “aristocrat” will seek power regardless of who wields it.

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