Cranston’s 2011 Inaugural Ceremonies (Plus Some Non-Ceremonious Stuff), Part 2

In addition to the inaugural ceremonies, last night’s meeting at Cranston West was also the first official City Council meeting of the 2011-2012 session, the main order of business being the Council organizing itself. As was predicted in previous news accounts, Democratic Councilman Robert Pelletier voted along with Republicans James Donahue, Leslie Ann Luciano, and Michael Favicchio, in support of making citywide Democrat Anthony Lupino the new Council President. The other four Democrats on the Council voted for Democrat Emilio Navarro for President.

After the election, Councilman Lupino gave his first address as Council President…

…I view government as a ladder. The rails of the ladder are made up of the executive branch and the judicial branch. The rungs, we create, we are the legislative branch. Some of us are stepping on the rungs for the very first time, while other of my colleagues are climbing the ladder. Some have fallen off of the ladder a couple of times and have come back…Audio: 1m 19s

…No matter how trivial our job may seem, whether we are dealing with trash or snow removals, stop signs or potholes, or intense issues such as taxes and floods or school budgets, the goal is the same — it is important to the citizens making the plea. They need and deserve your help. As we proceed up the ladder, the issues become more complicated, more far-reaching and many times, more personal. I have a special God-child serving in the army stationed in Kuwait. I pray for her safe-return every day. This may seem far-fetched, but I didn’t perceive I sent her there, but my government did, and because I represent government, in a way, I did send her there and must take the responsibility of her safe return…Audio: 1m 19s

To be elected means you take the responsibility to serve those who elected you. I encourage all of you to do your very best and to take on all of the challenges and positions you are presented with. Whether you are elected, appointed or hired, government is serious business…Audio: 1m 4s

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