Cranston’s 2011 Inaugural Ceremonies (Plus Some Non-Ceremonious Stuff)

Last evening, in ceremonies held at Cranston West High School, Allan Fung was inaugurated as Mayor of Cranston for his second term, members of the City Council and school committee were sworn into their offices, and the City Council held its first on-the-record political fight of the year. (We get down to business fast, or something resembling business, here in Cranston).

1. Mayor Fung offered an inaugural address with a forward-looking section focused on three issues: economic development, a Mayoral Academy, and infrastructure improvements…

We knew certainly what was coming…millions of dollars in cuts coming from the state. Throughout these very difficult years, we’ve risen to the occasion and absorbed those significant losses of a devastating amount of revenue to our great city. We’ve done it by trimming the cost of our day-to-day operations through restrictive purchasing practices and sadly, just like most of us in the private sector, [through] some serious labor work-force reductions as well. But on top of that, I was very fortunate to been able to have worked with our unions, and I thank all of them for coming to the table and bringing about real union concessions…Audio: 1m 18s

…Every day, each and every one of our employees do their best work with fewer resources…Perhaps the most notable effort on the part of all of my employees happened during the historic March floods, where we worked together…to insure there were no serious injuries or deaths…Thank you for that effort… Audio: 1m 28s

While we are still going to continue to battle many fiscal challenges, there are still some long term innovative projects that will meet the challenges for the next generation that I will continue to push, and one of those critical areas is in the area of economic development. Over the past term, the Council and I and my administration and all of the city employees have worked hard to successfully bring in over 500 new jobs to our great city…I am committed to do more, and I know that each and every one of these individuals behind me will do the same and we are going to work with the Governor and his economic development director, to make sure there is a cohesive strategy… Audio: 2m 24s

…I am really excited on working on a Mayoral Academy here in the City of Cranston… (Note: mention of the Mayoral Academy gets the 1st round of spontaneous applause during the speech)Audio: 1m 19s

And finally, our infrastructure is in sore need of repair…We are going to continue to push for our roadways and drainage systems to be upgraded… (Note: a mention that Cranston’s bond rating has achieved A-status gets the 2nd round of spontaneous applause during the speech)Audio: 1m 14s

…Tonight, I also want to take a moment to wish the best of luck to the members of the incoming school committee…and to the incoming [City Council] members, tonight we really embark on a new endeavor, a new term with so much potential for success. I am confident that we can work together, and keep as our unified focus the greater good of the people of the City of Cranston…Audio: 1m 19s

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