What School Choice Is Already Telling Us

For several generations, Little Compton, RI, has been practicing a community school choice by sending its teenagers elsewhere for high school. The obvious choice should be Tiverton, just over an indistinguishable border, but at least since the ’70s, the kids of LC have been traveling to Aquidneck Island. My Patch column, this week, looks at the probable reason and suggests that the implied changes would benefit local kids, too:

In his presentation to the Little Compton School Committee, available on his district’s Web page, Tiverton Superintendent William Rearick made the case that Tiverton has the excess capacity to accommodate its neighbors. He noted that the high school is in compliance with state requirements. And he pointed out that Tiverton’s students outperform the state average on all four of the New England Common Assessments Program (NECAP) tests – albeit, just barely in math and science.
Tiverton’s advanced placement course and SAT data, Rearick presented without comparison, leaving no context by which to understand whether the results are admirable or unimpressive. The absence of competitive spirit only highlights the presentation’s avoidance of the choice that Little Compton actually faces.

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Pat Crowley
13 years ago

This is not school choice and to describe it so it morally and intellectually irresponsible. Really, Justin, really? This what you have been reduced to?

David C
David C
13 years ago

Pat, thanks for adding so much to the discussion.
Through a co-worker, I also understand that Portsmouth may have given LC a financial break of some sort the last time to “win” the students back from Middletown, thus showing another aspect of competition.

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