Health Care Wrangling

The U.S. House of Representatives will most likely try to repeal the Obama Health care program this week, though that’s where the effort will stop because of the political realities (Democrats control the Senate) while on another front, we are now up to 26 states that are suing the Federal Government over the imposition of the Obama program.
Advocates explained to the ProJo why repeal isn’t a good idea, basing their argument on the benefits accrued by filtering your tax dollars up through the beltway bureaucracy and back down to the state level so that several programs can be implemented by local bureaucrats to help manage the plethora of benefits forthcoming from the aforementioned feds. Promise!
Meanwhile, the impact of the health care reform so far has resulted in a winnowing of “choice.” Some examples, as explained by Sally Pipes: 1) the construction of at least 45 physician-owned hospitals has been halted because they didn’t open in time to qualify for Medicare certification; 2) doctors are planning on dropping patient care or limiting the amount of patients they treat who are Medicare/Medicaid because they can’t afford to treat them; 3) Rules requiring small plans to spend 80% of premiums on medical claims will push many out of existence (those efficiencies are tough to reach in smaller plans–economies of scale, etc.). So smaller plans that may be able to compete against the giants in certain sectors will be pushed out.
Then Pipes explains the impact of the new over-the-counter drug restrictions, which–I can tell you–has been much discussed at my workplace and home:

Other measures kicking in are petty — but punitive. For example, people can no longer use tax-free Health Savings Accounts on basic over-the-counter drugs. Instead, they must pay for a doctor’s appointment — and then get a prescription for a pricier pharmacist-dispensed drug.
Consider the case of Claritin, an allergy medication that recently was approved for OTC use. A report from the National Center for Policy Analysis found that longtime users of the drug saw their daily costs fall 80 percent, from about $2.50 to just 50 cents. ObamaCare reverses this trend by encouraging people to opt for higher-priced prescription drugs when a cheaper OTC medication would work just as well.

Pipes exaggerates a bit–for my plan, a doctor’s note explaining that an OTC drug is called for is adequate justification to be able to use an HSA to pay for it–but that still requires a doctor visit. Just more hassle, more red-tape and more bureaucracy all to make things…better?

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13 years ago

“Pipes exaggerates a bit–for my plan, a doctor’s note explaining that an OTC drug is called for is adequate justification to be able to use an HSA to pay for it–”
Better check with your plan administrator. I’m pretty sure that’s no longer allowed for 2011.

joe bernstein
joe bernstein
13 years ago

since we’re on the topic of health care,I noticed a news story where a Dr.Kermit Gosnell in PA has been indicted on 8 counts of murder in the deaths of a woman and seven babies born alive and subsequently killed with scissors.This is where we’re going when a**holes advocate for “partial birth abortion”.I wonder how many doctors in Little Rhody have done such a thing and gotten away with it.Or anywhere for that matter.
How about it feminists and leftists?
Chafee loves abortion.Look who one of his main advisors is,and his Chief of Administration.
That warm and fuzzy rictus smile of his wears a little thin,hmmm?

13 years ago

I really wish the Republicans would stop with this “Repeal Obamacare” stuff. Even if they can get it through the Senate, they can’t override a veto. So stop! Get to work on more important things.
Yeah, they want to get the Dems on the record for the next election cycle, but they already have that from last time.
What will this vote do to improve the economy and improve the country? NOTHING! So do something that *will* improve the economy.

joe bernstein
joe bernstein
13 years ago

The Republicans should dispense with this play-acting or gesture,or whatever.
What they should do is try to repeal specific really bad parts of the bill where they could get some bipartisan traction
Three places to start:
(1)Add provision that prohibits anyone except a citizen,permanent resident alien,or refugee from accessing any benefits under the bill.
(2)Eliminate the 1099 provision and repeal the plan to hire additional IRS agents.
(3)Repeal the mandatory purchase of a policy.
These would have a real chance of passing.
Obama would not probably veto the first two and I have to think about the third.

13 years ago

You can sleep better tonight knowing that second trimester abortions are not preformed in RI, never mind third. RI only preforms 1st trimester abortions.
(FYI I am not pro-abortion)
As for health care, there is a genius to the bill that Obama passed. It is sort of like when you sell a house, you leave the door knob loose so the people buying the house complain about the knob and you fix it for them and they buy the house.
Obama put things in and then he can get credit for the “work” he does with the Republicans when they take out the extraneous things. The one I hope that will be removed the IRS reporting, that will kill businesses.

joe bernstein
joe bernstein
13 years ago

Thanks for the info.
I’m not against abortion on a religious basis,but simply because I think we only live one life(altough I believe in the Creator)and taking it away as it starts is wrong.
If you go out and gun down a bunch of people,then you made your bed and we should take your life.

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